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Intense game of annihilation.   Magnificent architecture and dramatic play.   You can get behind and come back, a few times, in one play.   Oust is an exhilarating game to win.   And a sh*tty game to lose.

The Oust game tree is ginormous.   Moves are more restricted than in Go, but large groups are removed, and the vacated spaces repopulated - again and again.   Oust has been copied, but never equaled.  No serious AI exists for Oust.   Nor will it exist, for many years to come.

Equipment: Hex hex game board, Go stones.

Played at: Board Game Arena, Ai Ai, ig Game Center, Mind Sports.

Unique capture-from-within mechanism.  Dice are used as playing pieces. 

Equipment: Printed board, 25 red dice and 25 blue dice.

Played at: Board Game Arena, Ludoteka, ig Game Center, Boite a Jeux, Games By Email, Gamerz Net, Super Duper Games.

Cephalopod download

Variant of Go in which captures are executed with neutral, red stones.  Red stones cannot themselves be captured. 

Played at: Board Game Arena.

Army game.  Get your king into the enemy home square, or kill the enemy king.  

COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS - All of the games presented here were designed solely by me, Mark Steere.  I retain all of the rights to all of my games, including copyrights and trademarks.

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